Friday, June 02, 2006

Is the grass greener?

I'm thinking (since a few minutes ago) maybe it's time for me to sell the old homestead and move on to greener pastures.

I've been in this house for 6 years and almost have it done to the point of being what I need as a single guy.

1. I've remodeled the basement from a pit to a nice family/TV room.

2. I've added a full bath in the basement.

3. I've upgraded all the windows.

4. I'm planning on insulating and residing the house next year.

What I don't have in this house:

1. More than one bedroom.

2. A modern garage.

3. A real kitchen, I have to keep my refrigerator in another room.

4. Any privacy in the yard.

I had a thought about adding on and doing some landscaping that could take care of the short list of what I need but; I'm a 'find the easy way out' sort of guy. That easy way would be to buy another house. There are a few I've seen, one in my neighborhood, that would be nearly perfect. Unfortunately most of them need just as much work as my house did when I bought it. The others aren't for sale at the moment.

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