Saturday, August 20, 2005

From Me? No, Never

She never expected it from me.



But me?
No, never.

Stupid girl.

She never understood.
What she did to me.
How she broke my heart.
My spirit.

Will she wake up?

Not a lot of air in that box.

One shovel of dirt.

The sound, the thud.

Would that be the last sound she ever heard?

More dirt, slowly filling the hole.

I hear it.
The sound.

The sound of fists.
Pounding, clawing, desperate.
Trying to get free.

Now the screams come.

Does she even know who did this?

Would it make a difference?
Not to me.

She should just relax.

Accept the inevitable.

Slow death.

The death I've been living.
Everyday dead.

Dead to anything.

Anything special.

Anything like love.

I hope you didn't write that for your girlfriend?
Actually I used to do some writing on and decided to repost some of it onto my blog.
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