Monday, October 31, 2005

Soundtrack for an 8 hour day

Hail the new dawn 3:20 Skrewdriver
My 1st Single 5:02 Eminem
Enemy 3:33 [Minus]
You Say Rock 2:43 20/20 Hindsight
Nothing With You 2:29 Descendents
When The Levee Breaks 5:55 A Perfect Circle
The Massive 2:10 A18
Stab You Through The Everything 2:30 A18
Back In Black 4:15 AC/DC
Now You're A Man (Orgasmo Theme) 2:12 DVDA
Rock Soldiers 5:09 Ace Frehley
Eighth-Grade Summer Romance 3:23 Action Action
Out On An Island 4:37 Cock Sparrer
Ghetto 3:55 Akon
Rooster 6:17 Alice In Chains
Forgotten Soldier 1:44 American Standard
The Middle 2:45 Jimmy Eat World
The Way Things Were 2:27 No Innocent Victim
Fuck You Slowly 2:16 Tenacious D
Tumble and Roll 3:08 Mindy McCready
Us Against The World 2:26 Bound For Glory
Empty Cartridge 2:12 Unsane
Ready To Die 2:55 Andrew W. K.
Bananaz 4:00 Akon
The Middle Finger 4:03 Christiansen
Breakfast At Tiffany's 4:16 Deep Blue Something
Thors Enkel 2:19 Annett
(Oh) Pretty Woman 2:53 Van Halen
Prayer For The Dying 6:05 Aryan
La La 3:44 Ashlee Simpson
Gravedigger 1:37 Attack
You Are Not My Friend 3:26 Frenzal Rhomb
Paint It Black 3:44 Rolling Stones
Ring of Fire 3:51 Suicidal Tendencies
Chipeland 3:53 Dying Breed
Fun and Happiness 1:17 Attack ...
You Don't Own Me 3:04 Juliana Hatfield
Michael Wittman 5:55 Ed
Therapy 3:05 Smile Empty Soul
Bound To Violence 2:23 Hatebreed
Blood Gulch Blues 2:24 Trocadero
And We Danced 3:17 Deena Carter
11. September 2:04 Race War
What's Left Of The Flag 3:38 Flogging Molly
Recluse 3:31 Unbroken
Sussudio 4:21 Phil Collins
Making Love Out of Nothing 5:41 Air Supply
Broken 4:19 Seether, Featuring Amy Lee
Outside The Boundaries Of A Friend 3:33 Shai Hulud
Born To Be Wild 3:19 Zodiac Mindwarp & The Love Reaction
March of War 6:29 Definition of Cruelty
I'm Like A Bird 4:10 Nelly Furtado
Panama 3:32 Van Halen
Every Dog Has Its Day 4:24 Flogging Molly
Closed Caskets 3:56 Remembering Never
Good Feeling 3:52 Violent Femmes
The Longest Time 2:28 Me First And The Gimme Gimmes
You Were Mine 3:37 Dixie Chicks
When The Bullet Hits The Bone 7:50 Golden Earring
Shame, Rights, & Privilege 1:30 Good Riddance
For The True & Passionate Lovers Of Music 3:39 Shai Hulud
Walk 5:05 Lunatic
Hair-Raising Accounts Of Restless Ghosts 5:34 Modern Life Is War
Guilty Of Being White 1:17 Minor Threat
Last Call 3:12 Whitewash
Fate Has Found Me 3:47 20/20 Hindsight
Avatar 3:14 Dresden
Davidian 4:56 Machinehead
Devil's Dance Floor 3:59 Flogging Molly
Any Way You Want It 2:28 Student Rick
Fucking Hostile 2:41 Nok
Bottom Of A Bottle 3:41 Smile Empty Soul
There's No "I" In Team 2:17 Good Riddance
Jump Around 3:40 House of Pain
A Profound Hatred Of Man 3:05 Shai Hulud
Survival 2:32 Attack
These Words (I Love You, I Love You) 3:38 Natasha Bedingfield
Bad Feelin' 2:04 Attention Deficit Disorder
Ass Like That 4:25 Eminem
Pon de Replay 4:11 Rihanna
Kiss Me 3:31 Sixpence None the Richer
Hip To Be Square 4:00 Huey Lewis & The News
Penguins & Polarbears 2:53 Millencolin
Institutionalized 3:48 Suicidal Tendencies
The Sky 4:38 Stevie Ray Vaughn
Arlington 4:07 Trace Adkins
Monologue 3 1:19 American Psycho
Jeremy 5:20 Pearl Jam
Fall To Pieces 3:28 Avril Lavigne
Paid In Full (Coldcut Remix) 7:10 Eric B & Rakim
Mony Mony 5:02 Billy Idol
Riders On The Storm 7:12 The Doors
Valkyrian 3:31 Midgard
Injustice System! 2:21 Sick Of It All
I've Lost... 1:43 Judge
St. Jimmy 2:55 Green Day
United 2:44 Skrewdriver
Wrap Your Troubles In Dreams 2:57 Bing Crosby
Left To My Own Devices 4:48 Pet Shop Boys
Hymn To The Black Sun 5:30 Laibach
Call of the Blood 5:14 Dresden
Iron Man 5:58 Black Sabbath
Ghosts In The Mirror 3:14 Call Me Lightning
Ain't Like You (Wasted Youth) 3:29 Blood For Blood
I'm An Old Cowhand (From The Rio Grande) 4:59 Harry Connick, Jr
Breakin' It 3:20 Mindy McCready
Come Clean (Remix 2005) 3:44 Hilary Duff
Redemption 9:29 Blood For Blood
Behind These Hazel Eyes 3:19 Kelly Clarkson
Everybodies Girl 2:42 The Dwarves
Betrayed 2:38 H8Machine
Some Kind Of Hate 3:18 Blood For Blood
Keasbey Nights 3:02 Catch 22
Somebody Told Me 3:17 The Killers
She's A Rebel 2:00 Green Day
Edmund Fitzgerald 6:14 Gordon Lightfoot
The Gods Are Good To Me 3:03 Down Right Hateful
Megalomaniac 4:54 Incubus
The Truth 3:56 Good Charlotte
Intro 0:49 Blue Eyed Devils
Nobody Like You To Me 3:43 Harry Connick, Jr.
Kill Yourself 1:37 Blue Eyed Devils
Bodies 3:24 Drowning Pool
What Drives Me 2:49 Blue Eyed Devils
Half Minute Hero 2:06 Combat Ready
Heresy, Hypocrisy, & Revenge 2:21 Good Riddance
The Last Day Of Summer 5:04 Brutal Attack
Two Guns 0:04 Doc Holliday
Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love 3:48 Van Halen
American Psycho 3:24 Treble Charger
Ole 3:46 Paul Burnley
Wet My Bed 1:36 Stone Temple Pilots
Subliminal 3:06 Suicidal Tendencies
Snickers 2:26 Skarhead
My Next Thirty Years 3:39 Tim Mcgraw
21st Century Patriot 2:10 Stand Accused
Better Off Crazy 2:04 Skrewdriver
My Heart Bleeds The Darkest Blood 2:05 Shai Hulud
Tainted Love 2:33 Softcell
Hail Budapest 3:13 Stonehammer
The Angels Of Dunblane 4:08 Brutal Attack
Suffer 5:12 By Any Means Necessary
Antisocial 1:59 Skrewdriver
Rebels Of The Sacred Heart 5:12 Flogging Molly
Fuck It 2:54 Pro Pain
Sick 3:06 Seven Wiser
Pocket Full of Shells 3:51 Rage against the machine
Click Click Boom 4:12 Saliva
Living Life One Mistake At A Time 1:43 The Reform
Easy-peasy 0:07 Angry Beavers

no prussian blue but two eminem in your 8hr playlist.... hmmm
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